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Conflict Resolution in Couples Counseling

"Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict in peaceful ways." ~ Ronald Reagan

Conflict within relationships are inevitable. Not because we want to disagree, but simply because every person has their own way of understanding the world around them. These differences in understanding may eventually create conflicts. When we have a conflict it can feel uncomfortable and even impossible at times especially when we conflict with important people in our lives. But conflicts do not have to feel unbearable anymore. With conflict resolution treatment in counseling you will learn how to have difficult conversations, problem solve, and effectively repair your relationships as a result. Counseling treatment for conflict resolution can include learning more about your communication style such as if you use passive or aggressive communication and how to practice more assertive communication. You will learn the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Cognitive Model to better understand your current thinking patterns and how to change them to be more positive and rational. Conflict resolution treatment will teach you to the proper steps to having a healthy dialogue which allows you to address your speaking partner’s emotional and physical needs in a conversation. You will learn effective communication skills and recognize the core themes in arguments that can keep us trapped in the same underlying disagreement without us realizing it. By the end of treatment, you feel more confident in preparing and having difficult conversations in a way that is respectful, effective, and authentic to who you are and want to be as a communicator. Please take a moment to reach out to the HYLC team today to schedule your initial appointment. We look forward to working with you soon. 

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